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  1. Scott, done, your a life saver. Thanks dude MrB
  2. I have stupidly merged some notes in a note book that really makes it difficult to read them. There must be a process in order to split them back to the original individual notes. Does anyone out there please help me. MrB
  3. I have decided to make that leap from using Microsoft, to using Mac as my primary computer. The reason is, I just love my iPhone 3Gs that has morphed into the IPhone4S and of course, I wouldn't go anywhere without my ipad2. So going over to Mac was an evolutionary move, it was only going to be a matter of time. Although, moving to apple has almost killed me. If I wasn't a sucker for asethetics, the iMac would have gone through a window by now. I use Evernote all day and everyday, but one thing I noticed, I can't seem to web clip or access my Evernote from Safari. In the same way I can access it from google or Firefox on the Microsoft web pages. Does anyone ow how?
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