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  1. Hi -- how do I bulk delete reminders? I don't want to have to go through each one individually and remove them. Selecting more than one reminder doesn't seem to have any awareness that these are "reminders" and so doesn't show any clock icon.
  2. Is there a way to bulk delete reminders? If I select all the reminders, then the date icon disappears, so I have to delete them individually. This is a pain considering the number of reminders I have...
  3. Hi -- how do I remove the "Upgrade Your Team" spam on the side? I'm a premium member and I pay specifically not to be upsold like this.
  4. I can't do this -- I've already shared Skitch images around in bug reports. If I delete that account, are those URLs still good? Also, my situation's a little different. I have an Evernote account and a skitch.com account. When I try using Skitch for Mac, it now lets me into Evernote -- but it says that on Skitch I'm unregistered / anonymous. It's only when I go into skitch.com that I can see my usual account, but even then, I'm logging into my skitch account with my Evernote credentials... which is a little odd. Why doesn't Skitch for Mac allow you to use the Skitch account that's associated with your Evernote profile?
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