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  1. Thank you JMichael and GrumpyMonkey for answering my post. Blinkpro.com was a Web-based bookmark storage service that had a beautiful, fully developed, folder/subfolder system and hierarchical organization with an unlimited amount of folders and subfolders but they went out of business. I've been looking for a similar service to no avail.
  2. I'm new here and I know Evernote offers bookmark storage but can I set it up such that I have a parent/child/personal notes hierarchy (or tree structure)? For example: SPORTS (parent folder); Click on SPORTS and I get: ----Baseball (child folder); click on Baseball and I get: -------Atlanta Braves (grandchild folder); click on Atlanta Braves and I get: ----------Atlanta Braves Web site (great-grandchild folder) -------------My account number for tickets is 12345” (personal note) Football (child folder) Hockey (child folder) Tennis (child folder) Also, can I upload favorites from Internet Explorer or Excel or Access tables? Thank you.
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