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  1. @Adam, I agree with you for the most part as well. I think the iPad is nice to read on personally and the Kindle isn't too bad to me. As far as reading on an actual pc/laptop computer screen I'm not too keen on it as well.
  2. Ok, now I am curious! Who else has used Scan Snap as a scanner or other scanners? Do you think it's worth it, any pros and cons? I'm interested in looking more into this. I see some Scan Snap scanners aren't too bad price wise if you have a lot to scan. Also any issues with certain paper or have you guys tried books mostly? Thanks!
  3. Hey Johnny, Honestly I've used them for a couple of months and been happy with them so far. I've mostly done books with them (I think they do other things as well) but so far they've been good. It's pretty cheap so maybe just try a few books first? Overall I've been happy with them. I think I saw some other people mention them in some other posts too, so maybe some second opinions are good, but so far I really like them. It's cool to see all the other things people are trying on here when it comes to book scanning, but so far 1dollarscan has been working for me. Hope that helps. It's kinda fun to see everything transformed. Good luck.
  4. That would be nice to have for Windows, sure a lot of us hate Windows, but it's what a lot of us are using We will wait patiently...or try to
  5. A lot of people are scanning themselves, never thought of that. I like using a service, but that's just me, maybe if I had more time I'd do it myself. It's never ceases to amaze me how much everything is changing, I used to be against it, but now I embrace it.
  6. That's so cool. I wish teachers were able to use stuff like this when I was a kid!
  7. Whoa, this is cool to see so many people on here doing things like this. I couldn't imagine actually scanning the books myself like some of you have but that's really cool. I gotta finish the library and then start working on other documents. Thanks for the tips and inspiration thus far.
  8. Hi, I'm fairly new to Evernote, but so many people I know are using it so it's time to join the club. I was curious has anyone scanned in their entire library of books yet? I was wondering if anyone had any tips on scanning their entire library of books and if they regret doing it or feel that it's better or not. I probably have about 100 books and I feel it's time to go all digital. I've been trying to create a paperless lifestyle and Evernote seems very awesome for this. Many people on here seem like they've been looking into this for a while. I scanned some old books at this place http://1dollarscan.com/ and was considering doing them all there. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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