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  1. I've been following this thread since I posted here in 2012. I have discovered a fix for the main problem, which is that the boy geniuses at Evernote don't 1) think, or 2) care. I've simply stopped using Evernote. I didn't plan it - it just happened. Thank you, Evernote, for developing your product to the point where NOT using it is easier than using it - now that's something I can get behind! Life is so much simpler now. I know that this doesn't help people who are forced to use it at work; sorry. Evernote WAS excellent software. Now, as with virtually all recent commercial software, it's trying to do too much whilst simultaneously gathering as much user data as possible. This, I can live without.
  2. Or better yet, uninstall it, if that is possible. I installed an Evernote update today and discovered that every time I copy text, it's turned into a note in Evernote. Among other things, this can be one hell of a security risk (try copying a password). There's also the fact that this wasn't mentioned during the update installation. And, finally, it's simply annoying. If I can't stop this behavior, then I'll have to go back to an earlier version of Evernote. If that doesn't work, goodbye, Evernote. Thanks to anyone who has an answer.
  3. I'm surprised you haven't gotten a response on this question. I'm having the same problem - every time I try to install the Windows version of Evernote, I get the media1.cab error message. Since it seems that Evernote doesn't care, if I don't hear soon, I will remove it from my tablet and find another product to use.
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