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  1. I've been following this thread since I posted here in 2012. I have discovered a fix for the main problem, which is that the boy geniuses at Evernote don't 1) think, or 2) care. I've simply stopped using Evernote. I didn't plan it - it just happened. Thank you, Evernote, for developing your product to the point where NOT using it is easier than using it - now that's something I can get behind! Life is so much simpler now. I know that this doesn't help people who are forced to use it at work; sorry. Evernote WAS excellent software. Now, as with virtually all recent commercial software, it's tr
  2. Or better yet, uninstall it, if that is possible. I installed an Evernote update today and discovered that every time I copy text, it's turned into a note in Evernote. Among other things, this can be one hell of a security risk (try copying a password). There's also the fact that this wasn't mentioned during the update installation. And, finally, it's simply annoying. If I can't stop this behavior, then I'll have to go back to an earlier version of Evernote. If that doesn't work, goodbye, Evernote. Thanks to anyone who has an answer.
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