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  1. Glad to know it is 30 days to reset Revokes in case mistakes are made. Thank you for the mercy clause, Evernote!
  2. I ran out of "revokes" when I installed Evernote on a new work computer. It happened like this: Log in to Evernote looking for the download. 2-device limit reached. Revoke old computer. Done. Then I realized there is a web-based version that I just wasted that revoke on. After I downloaded the Evernote app I had to revoke the web-based version. Now I don't have any more Revokes. Does that mean for the rest of my life I can never use Evernote on another device? What if I need a new phone? I actually do need a new phone. It's 3 years old. I don't want to pay for Evernote right now, but I used up both of my "revokes" in 10 minutes trying to download Evernote on a new device. I'm sure the Evernote community can help get one of these "revokes" reset or talk me down that I can revoke later after 30 days, 6 months, or something.
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