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  1. @DTLowSry I don't know what you mean if you mean the different between new version and legacy internal link, here it is. In legacy the internal link will auto change to: file:///C:/YourFileLocation/B.html In new Evernote version... it's still: evernote:///view/ooxxooxx
  2. Thanks for guys reply. I didn't share my html file, in my case it's really simple. I have two note A and B. I have used Evernote before (many years ago) and I remember if A internal link to B, export will automatic converse to B.html, not evernote:///B. So I try download Evernote legacy...and it work! 😅
  3. Hi, I have an internal link in my note, but when i export that notebook (multi-page), and click that link, it will jump to Evernote APP not my another html file, how to fix it? I need to jump to my another html file. Thanks!
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