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  1. Hello. I've searched a lot and can't seem to find exactly the app I'm looking for, but maybe someone out there knows of it. I'm looking for the same functionality as the Mac menubar Quick Note, but with the ability to install on a computer that does NOT have the Evernote client installed. I have to use a computer at work that is not my personal computer, so I do not want to install the Evernote client, thus enabling anyone who launches Evernote there to see all my notes. I would, however, like to be able to quickly save all my thoughts to EN while I'm working, but without having to break out my iPhone or bring my personal computer to my office. So something like the menubar Quick Note would be great. Even launching a browser window and using the web clipper would work, if I could type note content into it. Does something like this exist for a Mac? I understand that I could just use the web client since that is the point–to be able to access EN anywhere–but it's so cluttered and part of my desire is to just type up my note and forget it till I look at my EN client later. Perhaps making a Fluid App of the new EN web client will solve my dilemma, but I thought I'd ask if there's another way to do this in case it does in fact exist and I just haven't been able to find it. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your reply, jbenson2. I wish the search on the desktop apps worked the same as on iOS though. I'm hesitant to make all my tags include their parent name when I know I won't always remember them. I do a similar act of EN housekeeping to what you describe, but really dislike spending my time that way. I know it pays off later with great searches but I prefer less friction in the naming process so that I didn't spend so much time organizing.
  3. I use a tag hierarchy similar to what user:jbenson2 often describes on the forums, but do not use prefixes the way jbenson2 does because it seems that I can not search for these tags on the Mac client as well as I can on the iPhone. For example let's assume I have these tags: COM-Amazon COM-Verizon COM-Apple When I create a new note and want to tag it "Amazon" my brain does not remember that I'm in EN and need to think of Amazon as a company. On the iPhone, I can start typing the word "Amazon" and "COM-Amazon" shows up in my tag cloud. I can select it as my intended tag. On the Mac, though, if I start typing "Amazon" "COM-Amazon" does not come up as a choice in the picker because the first letter is not "A." Does anyone else see this difference in functionality and have some workaround for it? Other than remembering to start typing the Amazon tag as Com? Because I have so many tags, that wouldn't work.
  4. I looked at Evernote Food, but it's not so much that I want to remember the meal I've had as keep track of places I'd like to go AND where I've been AND places other than restaurants such as shops and whatnot. Also it's essential that I be able to see the notes on a map. Can't see if Food does that or not.
  5. Just wondering if there's any easier way to add location to a note than what I'm already doing, which is: find a restaurant I want to visit add the website as a note to evernote find the place on google maps center the map to retrieve the latitude and longitude copy latitude and longitude paste latitude and longitude into the note I know you can automatically add location on the iPhone, but I'm not always standing in the spot where the restaurant is when I make the note, and often want to do that later on my Mac. but it takes such a long time. looking for an easier way, if there is one. Also, related, when I am out and about trying to get to that restaurant using the note's info on my iPhone, I know I can see it on Evernote's map, but how can I get to the latitude and longitude to paste that into the Maps app for directions? thanks!
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