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  1. I am one of the people who can't stand the lack of depth in folders and I think it is a serious drawback. In fact it is the only reason I constantly am debating going back to OneNote. The fact is, it is irrelevant whether you CAN or Can not replicate folder structure with tagging. The fact is, for some users it is more cumber some and effort intensive to do so with the material they are organizing and taking notes on. I am a professional User Experience designer and Application Architect, so I can tell you that this is not an opinion, it is a fact. Assume this conceptual organization of data Project Group 1 Project A Project A topic 1 Project A topic 1 A Project A topic 1 B Project A topic 2 Project B Project Group 2 I have used Evernote to replicate this with Folders and tags, and it does work, but it is effort intensive. If i am in the middle of something and just want to make a quick note on Project A topic 1B I have to... - click create new note - Type in a title - Type in my note - type in all of the tags in the tag hierarchy from "topic 1B" all the way up, or at least most of the way up. While not a deal breaker, typing those tags is a pain and I often don't do it because I'm in a hurry, which leads to a less than ideal space. Now if I could have just selected my folder and clicked create a new note in that folder, that hierarchy would have been auto preserved for me. Now something like this could indeed be handled with Tags, but it is not being done that way currently. As an end user advocate, the question of which is theoretically better is irrelevant. This is a consumer driven product and if consumers want the ability to use folders like PCs have done for years, then give it to them. It isn't a 1 or the other debate, give us both and give users flexibility over how to use it. Evernote, you have a great product and I am sure you have a user experience team already, but if not please give me a shout I have several simple UI enhancement suggestions that I won't go into detail on here but I think would improve ease of use and flexibility of the tool. Derek Smith User Experience Designer
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