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  1. Hi there, just wondering does evernote have a calendar, that can it's easy to keep track of life's important events all in one place. if so where can get thank u laura
  2. Iwant to edit a document in my free evernote account. on this public pc i go to the webite {www.evernote.com } on firefox. i sign in to see acct updated document i cannot find where do synic to my other decieve. is there away to synic? thank u laura
  3. Iam just wonderful if Evernote has a Calendar in there program that is all ready made up.that someone can write quick note on it? with out make one up in the tables formated? ty laura
  4. i stall evernote on my windows netbook n on my ATRIX4G phone the first couple of days it would synic right into the same notes now it wonot synic right it say conflict name of the note. when i add text{hit edit} on my phone to note it wonot synic in the same on my pc it makes a new note. what am i doing wrong??????????? thank u for any help laura
  5. i have 2.3.6 android phone and i write a note on my pc in the evernote. then i try to synic[by hit synic button on top pad on my pc] to my phone. i open the evernote app on my phone. i did not find it. so went to menu on the phone and hit synic and it say this last synic at march 17 at 9:01am authenticantion error. so i closed the app on my phone and rebooted turn off n on my phone and shut my app on my phone and re try it manually and then wait 15 min. and it still wonot work the last time was 921 am . this is my second time u used this program. can some help me out to figure out what iam doing wrong? laura
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