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  1. I've been thinking about starting a journal and I'm trying to decide whether to use Evernote or a program specifically made for writing a journal. I see a few options. - pen and paper - Evernote - blogging - program dedicated to writing a journal Evernote is nice, but it is a jack-of-all-traits kind of software. I was thinking that another program might give me some more functions that would be nice to have in a electronic journal. Does anyone use Evernote? Another program? Thank you.
  2. I looked over their products and would just love having one. I just can't justify spending that much money on a scanner that I really don't need.
  3. I have a brother mfc-j430w three-in-one printer/scanner/fax. I have the control panel to scan the document into a PDF. Then I must open Nuance Paper Port, right-click on the PDF and save as searchable PDF. I have yet to figure out how to do this straight from the scanning process. If I scan to an image and use Evernote's OCR then I do not have to open Nuanve Paper Port. After I scan, I just drag the PNG file into Evenote. I do understand about making a searchable PDF being "future proof" not relying on Evernote's OCR. I might start doing it even thought it involves an extra step. I'm not redoi
  4. As I am trying to go paperless, I was wondering what format would it be best to scan in. At first, I was scanning to PDF, but then realized that I when viewed on the web, I do not see the document. Instead I must open a new window to view the PDF. Also Evernote's OCR only does PDFs if you are a paid member. So I choose to scan my files into image format so that I can see the file on the web without opening a new window. I choose the PNG file format for its lower file size compared to the JPG. Recently, I learned about searchable PDF's which have a hidden text layer within the PDF which makes t
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