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  1. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, but I don't think Evernote 6 will do for me. I like many of the v10 features, and it's not something I can spare.
  2. This shouldn't be a problem. What I'm proposing is different types of notes. This means users can just create a "text" note which is what we have right now. Then they would also be able to create notes which have a special image type, meaning they'll open straight away in preview. Or the same thing with links, they're automatically opened once you click on a note. Nothing should be forced on anyone. When making a note, you should be prompted which type of note you'd like to make.
  3. Well sure you can add an image to your note, but even then I still need to do multiple clicks to get it in fullscreen preview. The part of my idea you're refering to, I meant to have a note instantly open a note in full preview And yes, your note can contain links, but what I was talking about is when you click to open your note, you're instantly sent to whatever URL. No need to open the note and then click on some link. The less clicks I have to make when opening a note, the more efficiently I can work.
  4. Sometimes it'd be great if there were different types of notes. Right now a note can only be a page full of text, but there are more options than that. For example it'd be great if a note could be just a link. I realize you can do this easily by adding text inside a note, but it would be better if the note just straight up opened a predefined link in your browser, and no text note. This would for example mean that as a student, I can open a note for a certain class, and then I can search my notes for a specific link. For example one note could be a link to my math book. Then I would remain inside my notes for that class, and easily find the website I need to. Another type of notes, which would be really great to have in evernote, is mindmaps. I realize this would be a bigger feature, but it would be extremely useful for taking notes. Then I wouldn't need to find some other websites or similar, that will often ask me to pay tons of credits for premium. I'm not interesting in using a ton of cash, just to make mindmaps. A third type of note could be JUST an image, which would be similar to the first idea I proposed. So when I open a note, it instantly opens some image in image viewing mode.
  5. Thank you for the reply, I'm sorry to hear this is not possible. Makes some of my work a little difficult, but oh well, guess I have to live with it. The table option isn't useful for me though, it'd ruin the sentence structure.
  6. Hello, I appoligize if I created my topic in the wrong category. I can add images and such to my notes without any problems, but it seems like my images always have a linebreak above and below them. Is there a way to display an image on the same line as text? See here for example. The small text in the middle is an image, which I'd like to be on the same line as all the text in my image.
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