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  1. Thank you for help! I send a ticket to Evernote support team.
  2. 1. When I try to log in, pop up a message that my password has expired. (login with user name) 2. I click "Reset password" 3. "A reset password link has been sent to the email address you specified." 4. But I couldn't receive a link because I can't remember email address
  3. After I choose "My Account", any new combo-box was not created while selecting "Billing and Payments" or "Technical Issues" created new combo-box. So I can't get support ticket🤔
  4. As I wrote in title(I edited a tiltle!), I forgot email address have registered to my account....😭
  5. I only remeber User ID and password I used before. How can I access to my account?
  6. 로그인 할 때, 이메일 주소 혹은 사용자 아이디로 로그인 할 수 있는데 그 중 사용자 아이디만 기억하고 있는 상황입니다. 비밀번호 초기화 링크를 받을 메일 주소가 생각이 안나는데 어떻게 지원을 받아야 할까요?
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