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  1. Good thought but no, I don't have "hide unassigned tags" set. In fact, I toggled it just to make sure. Interestingly in the App, if I try to use one of the previously eliminated tags, there's no autocomplete suggestion for it. On the other hand, if I do the same thing in Clipper, there they are. I've run a manual sync too. I've tried to backspace/delete when the errant autocomplete suggestion is selected but that doesn't do anything. Nothing in the options for the extension or the app that looks relevant. Any other ideas? Charlie
  2. Hmm, didn't work. I actually restarted the computer. These tags are definitely removed from the left pane in the app. Interestingly, it seems that these items have been cleared completely out of the App. But not Clipper. Any other thoughts about how to clear the clipper cache? Charlie
  3. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I'm able to delete unneeded tags. The issue is that even after I delete the tags in the left navigation panel, they still show up in the autocomplete list. I'm just trying to clean out the autocomplete list so that they are no longer suggested. Thanks again, Charlie
  4. Thanks, got it. One followup: If I use the autocomplete selections, how do I remove from the autocomplete list, tags that I have subsequently decide to eliminate like that "#Chrome #Windows #Clipper" tag that I really didn't want? Thanks again, Charlie
  5. Pretty basic q here but can't find anywhere. When I'm using Clipper in Chrome and I want to add multiple tags, how do I separate the tags? Right now when I type in say Chrome Clipper Tag in the tags field I get one tag called "Chrome Clipper Tag". # doesn't seem to do it as I then get one tag that says "#Chrome #Clipper #Tag". Thanks, Charlie
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