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  1. Sorted! Multiple Tags work as an AND rather than an OR.
  2. Hi, just set up the filtered notes widget on the Home Page but it's remaining empty when I've selected some tags. Notes do exist with these tags. Any ideas? Personal Account 10.20.4-win-winstore-public (150) Editor: v130.1.16687 Service: v1.38.1 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  3. Sorted it by continually disconnecting everything from Google and reconnecting. Eventually it worked.
  4. Hi, I've connected my Google Calendar to Evernote but it appears that nothing is being retrieved. I have Events and Tasks on Google Calendar but when i view the Evernote widget the entry in Calendar or List view is blank. If I try to link a note to a calendar event then the pop-up appears but I just get the green circle looping. Any thoughts? Ta.
  5. Will Tasks always need V10 or will it be rolled out to lower versions of Android?
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