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  1. I understand what your saying and that ultimately the cloud version is master. You can import an older copy of the note/book to fix corruption etc, make changes which time stamps this with newer date and over writes the cloud version under SYNC. Then for replacement (new machine) overwrite the blank local database with backup, SYNC then checks/compares local with cloud and brings up to date. Thanks for the confirmation once again.
  2. So this was a restore of the local 'folder and content' like a traditional backup/restore NOT a restore from an 'Export' of your notes on a fresh copy of the software? This is giving me more confidence that the features are still valid and working in the newer version. I guess your DB is rather large if you only restored a selection of notes. Did you make changes to the offline notes and then saw the changes replicated. Problem is, to check the status of which, Local or Cloud, wins in a restore or file/folder copy, I would have to edit and change my live database.............. ...."Don't fix what isn't broken"..... is a voice in my head right now !! I think its time to speak to and raise a ticket with EN Tech Support and get a definitive answer. Perhaps I'll ask for a free trial to check this on a new/separate account and feedback here at some point. Thanks all for the replies and advice, much appreciated. Apologies to 'leroyford' for hijacking his post for a while 😉 #EDIT: One thing occurred to me after re-reading PinkElephants comments, I suspect that in both an export- restore and backed up folder copy, I think the Cloud version of data may win once you execute a SYNC. Backup/export date will be time-stamped and be older versions of cloud content and expect it will win in the scenario of restoring the DB to known date in time, rendering the restore useless............... Another apology, I'm surmising here without proper knowledge.
  3. My comments were for two catastrophic failure scenarios. 1. Where the cloud database is corrupted either maliciously or otherwise and I want to sync with known safe/working copy. 2. Where my machine has failed/replaced and/or I want to restore from a known point in time, and need my LOCAL DB to be the master copy and overwrite the cloud data. (as Pink Elephant mentioned later in this post I see). In this instance you would need to reinstall a fresh copy of the EN software and then restore the DB. But it look like you have already tried and proven this method in both Legacy and v10 but will reply to that seperately.
  4. Hi Gazumped, thanks for the reply and confirmation, it's as I suspected that the newer version/s are being moved to cloud storage and NOT what I wanted for my info and the design of original product. Personally I prefer the cloud storage be used to store a replica of my local DB for distribution to my other devices (iPad / Android phone ) not the other way around. General comment: There comes a point though that they will retire the older versions (or discontinue updates and support) and when we come to upgrade our hardware (3-5 years ?) find we can't locate the software.anymore and then forced to store in the cloud. @ Evernote Customer Service: Please can you at least restore or code in the feature to latest versions the option to store their complete DB locally, most may not need/want this, but I bet there's a core of us who - after spending 100's & 1000s of hours building their DB - want the reassurance of an OFFLINE hard-copy of their information that can be restored after failure or the 'Ransom-ware crew spoil our day !!!
  5. Hi DTLow, that's great info and thanks, wasn't aware both would co-exist on the same machine, so I/you get the best of both worlds if I take the plunge - a way forward ! Much appreciated.
  6. Hi folks, reading with interest the replies to 'leroyford' s original post here. I'm new to forum but been using EN since 2017 - currently on v6.25. I've resisted upgrading to the new v10 for just this type reason and worried about deprecating fundamental features like backup/export. I don;t know about the other members here but I do NOT trust cloud storage and any gurantees of integrity 100% and prefer to have my own copy of MY information thanks very much !! Unsure what 'gazumped' meant by causing a DOS attack on EN server when exporting data, I thought - and please correct if I'm wrong - the great feature I wanted here was to back up a LOCAL copy of my entire notes/DB on my windows PC - has this changed ??
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