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  1. How I fixed things. I am running win XP SP2, Outlook 2007 SP3, and EN (230954) Prerelease. I just upgraded yesterday and also found my Outlook clipper gone. The Add-on was in the disabled section of Trust Center and could not be restored. Upon search for EvernoteOL.dll it was missing under Application Data. Turns out, I think, some invisible portion of outlook was running during the upgrade and prevented the new dll from copying. I went for the clean install approach. - First completely removing the Add-in from the disabled section of the add-in manager. - Shut down outlook and verify complete shutdown via task manager. There was something outlookish that I killed there. - Shut down and manually uninstall EN - Reinstall EN and check for upgrade before ever opening Outlook. - Start up Outlook...Clipper's back with most recent EN version. woohoo.
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