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  1. OK, having full sync as premium feature makes sense OTOH, I'd still suggest that images snippets/thumbnails sync was ON, currently the app looks like it's just broken
  2. I have a lot of images in my Evernote and I'm trying to get them to my SurfaceRT. So far, only headers/text are synced for offline use, all images are missing and are downloaded only when I open the note. Opening 500 notes to see thumbnails is boring, to say the least. I rely on thumbnails a lot for finding the right note Some notes show attachement icon in thumbnail view but only of a fraction of them Sync crashed multiple time when I installed Evernote first time Missing images - is that bug or a "feature"? - if bug - how can I re-sync so that images and thumbnails will follow? - if feature - please consider adding full sync option, "off" by defaul Remember - Surface RT (and quite some other tablets) is without 3G/4G option and really needs better offline caching to be useful on trips or just outside (yes, I can find WiFi-less spots even in Estonia )
  3. The same here -crashing quite a lot. Can we help to debug it somehow? Additional issues: - i have many images but thumbs are not created, not until I open that post Suggestion: - perhaps it should be possible to define starting screen - current solution uses "All notes" or similar, which is most resource intensive. I'd be happy to start with Notebooks or with a Notebook of my liking (something that doesn't have many notes)
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