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  1. This happens on my Android instance of Evernote. For one of my notes, I am having to tap a sentence and edit it one at a time. Also, the sections are delimited by a comma, so it is discouraging me from using commas in my notes because the editing is inconvenient. Is this happening because I have used bullets and outlines in my note? I also can't edit color now, which is important in my note taking. I wish the editor in this case would behave simply, more like the standard editor and the desktop editor. Thanks for making such a fantastic app! I use it everyday, and it's helped my life tremendously.
  2. Please improve the outline functionality in the editor. I need to be able to use dotted outlines inside numbered outlines, and outlines should be able to move easily between indenting and be "line-breaked" out of, back to normal text. In general, if it could work like MS Word, that would be awesome. Love this app! It's really improved my life! Thanks Evernote!
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