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  1. It is indeed the clipboard content which is the problem. See my original post from July 16th...
  2. Basically you are right. But not fixing a crucial bug which inhibits sharing EN content on other applications for more then a year can hardly be argued by innovation. At the moment the hurdles to take to be able to bring content over to exotic no name applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and consorts are similar to tuning bat files, well, even worse.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Even when I copy one image at a time it is not working. That's the situation I described in my initial post. I do at least 10 notes a day, ususally technical meeting notes with text passages and formatting as well as images. Company wide we use a Microsoft environment where OneNote is the best choice to share information and assign tasks. Unfortunately I don't have the time to perform extra tasks for a simpy copy paste process which are not needed in the old version. For now I have a parallel installation of the legacy version. I just hope that EN is keeping the legacy version long enough or is fixing this bug in the the near future. Otherwise they will loose one more customer.
  4. Thank you for your imput. This problem has been mentioned several times since 2020, is reported quite well and seems to come as a bug in the clothes of a feature together with version 10. Thats the only explanation for me why no one is addressing this at EN. Sure there are workarounds thinkable. The best one is to use Microsoft OneNote instead of Evernote. Then I even can save some money per year. At the moment I am yet not giving up since some features are better than those of OneNote. Bot not beeing able to copy from and to Evernote elements like text or images is an absolute no go and not acceptable at all on medium term.
  5. This just works image by image, not for a whole note with text and images. Any idea why Evernote is not considering this bug to be solved?
  6. Usually I copy the whole note content directly in the note editor and paste it to Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, E-Mail, .... Many of my notes contain dozens of images, it it not accepatable to do a drag & drop for each image individually. Individual drag and drop is not working for all those apps, jsut for the desktop, which ist useful at all. What happesn to my Ver. 10 notes if I downgrade to an older version? Thank you.
  7. Some days ago I decided to upgrade to version 10 for Windows and am realizing today that images from notes CANNOT be copied to other programs. After copying an image to the clipboard, the clipboard looks as follows: First this exchange format is not widely supported by the many possible programs out there. Second the path in the format descriptor is pointing to nowhere. Thus, even programs supporting this way of image data exchange will not be successful. This is a severe bug and apparently not addressed by the development teams since 2020 based on the many related forum contributions. Myself and many other customers too need to exchange the content of the notes with other people using other programs. Images are an important part of it. Not allowing this is not accepatable for a piece of software I pay for since years now. Please fix this as soon as possible. Version: 10.17.6-win-ddl-public (2775) Editor: V 126.2.16348 Service: V 1.37.8
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