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  1. Don't know what this means. When I apply a new typeface or size to a selection, it applies immediately. Word (2007 and newer) does it the way I like it. Type some text and select it. Go to the font dropdown box and click the little down arrow Now when you move your mouse over different fonts, the selected text changes to that font so you can preview how it looks. If you like the font you're hovering above, click it to make the change permanent. This would be a handy feature to have. Evernote uses an HTML-derived system to store your note content, and as a programmer, you should understand that tabs are just whitespace in HTML, that is, they don't affect formatting. In many cases, entering tab in an Evernote note causes indentation, just like using Ctrl+M. In some situations (like in the middle of a paragraph, I think) doing that doesn't make sense, so they insert multiple spaces. Fair enough. What file list? This one Amazing; you performed a search query and got more than one result. And Google doesn't do this? What were you expecting? The search bar works file, but that wasn't my point. This was what I like to see fixed. When I type in a filename, I want the selected file to be the filename I'm typing, but the program doesn't do that at all :'( Thanks for your time.
  2. I have a few pet peeves for Evernote: When I change the font for selected text I can't just click the font selection box and type the font name (the box will only allow the first letter of the font, which means I will still have to click the little down arrow next to the box which is what I'm trying to avoid in the first place!) Selected text doesn't live update to a new size/font, which gives me a lot of extra work if I frequently change from size or font... The tab key inserts 5 spaces, which (as a programmer) drives me insane. Please make the tab key insert an invisible tab character instead. I can't search in the file list by typing the file name (something Explorer can do). And typing a keyword in the search bar gives me usually more than 1 result, which means I still have to scan through a list of files. Please fix these issues! _____________________________________________________________________________ The rest of the program works great, but currently I prefer the standard notepad.exe from Windows (which is pretty horrible) over the built in Evernote text editor.
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