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  1. Burger - I simply followed the prompt for the password reset. When re-logging into Evernote on the iPhone with the new password it re-synced straight away; deleting the un-synced notes :-( Gazumped - you have your point of view which I understand; but the sole reason that I made the decision to pay for Evernote Premium was so I could have full off-line access on my iPhone (it isn't possible in my area to always have mobile data) so this has doubled my frustration! I can understand a password reset but not forcing a remote re-sync - which is a remote wipe of the existing device data.
  2. Hi everyone, Some bad news for me and some of your trying to recover lost notes. I had a days worth of unsynced notes on the my iPhone which were deleted when the password reset was activated. After dealing with premium support for several days this is the message I received today: I'm not happy with this at all and as a paying customer I will be seeking redress. What is clear now is that Evernote for no reason what-so-ever remote wiped Evernote on user's iPhone with no warning or notification to allow users to copy their data. I would not have minded having to copy-paste unsynced notes across before resetting the account but no opportunity was given. I feel extra sorry for those who have never synced their notes... deleting users data is just the worse thing Evernote could have ever done.
  3. I'm currently a Premium subscriber who appears to have lost a whole days worth of notes and associated photos. My iPhone wasn't set to sync over 3G and when I returned home the following day Evernote popped up asking me to reset my password and without any change or warning it's deleted all unsynchronised notes in my device. The support team are trying various things (including checking via iphoneexplorer) but I'm not having any luck and getting very worried these notes and images are gone :-(
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