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  1. + 1 I really hate light grey text on a white background. I really hate grey on grey on grey interface. Nothing stands out and the panes are difficult to distinguish. I do not (will not) change system wide configuration to accommodate poor interface design in one app - I'm more likely to find an alternate solution to replace that application. I have created a support ticket (as should all of you that have a problem seeing / using the new design) requesting help on how to add contrast and increase font size for the evernote interface. (Not my notes, but their interface.) I'd be equally happy I guess with instructions on how to roll back to the older version. The new interface negates any under the hood improvements for me.
  2. +1 The new interface color scheme sucks. Clearly designed by someone fresh out of school - with fresh young eyes and a big monitor. Sometimes following Apple's design cues isn't the best idea.
  3. I hate the new interface colors. Really makes it hard to use Evernote. Makes it hard to see how many notes are in a notebook. Really, grey on grey with grey text plus light grey text.... Anyway to downgrade back to the older version? Anyway to skin evernote with user selected colors?
  4. Interestingly - now that I manually synced (under the File menu item) vs. the sync button or the auto sync that evernote always does when I add a note - the pdf's on my mac now are indexed and the search results are the same (mac vs web)
  5. I tried to search for indexed text in a pdf today. What I found was that when I searched for text I knew to be in a document ON MY MAC - it didn't find anything. If I loged into the web version, and did the search - it found the document I was expecting. So it seems the indexing isn't getting passed back to the mac during sync. (This was a pdf I scanned in from this mac, it was synced up to evernote's cloud and was indexed, but the ability to search the pdf text never made it back to my mac.) As I understand it as a premium member, I should get indexed search of pdf's on the mac, not just on the web - is that correct?
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