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  1. It's true!! I'm very pleased with the outcome. Thanks to Heather and Allan who really went above and beyond to help me! And I agree with Mr. GrumpyMonkey, it seems like something that would be useful for others in the knowledge base, yes? Three cheers for Evernote's awesome customer service team!
  2. Aww, I don't want to get them in trouble, I just want a solution I actually just submitted a new regular ticket about two minutes ago... # 16051-73460 Thanks Heather!
  3. Yes, I saw Heather's response. While I appreciate her response, I had already contacted customer support before I posted here. I was told by the customer support person it is not possible to do it, and that I should just import my notes as a .pdf. Importing four years worth of notes as a .pdf is not a viable option for me. Basically useless. That is why I posted here, in the hopes that someone has a way to do this. this is a notespark problem, in my opinion. they have a very user-unfriendly way to export your notes, and that is one reason why i do not use the service. i don't plan to leave evernote anytime soon, but i am using it because i can easily migrate to another platform if necessary. my recommendation would be to find a way to export your notes from notespark. heather has already offered to help you out in the thread you started about this http://discussion.ev.../48156-heather/
  4. Thanks, Heather. However I did contact customer support yesterday and was told it isn't possible to do it, and that I should just import it as a .pdf. Importing four years worth of notes as a .pdf isn't a viable option. If there is a particular person I can contact that would be much more helpful...
  5. That's easy for me: I just became a Pro-User today and learned there is no way for me to import the 4 years worth of notes I've got stored in Notespark. My request is for a .csv note importer. I can't believe this doesn't already exist. Please please please, I really want to use this service but I can't leave 4 years worth of work notes behind... thanks, - r
  6. Today I threw down for an annual subscription upgrade after being extremely impressed with Evernote. Unfortunately I did this before I learned there is currently no way to import the four years worth of notes I have created in Notespark. This is a HUGE disappointment. I never suspected this would be an issue. I really hope there are plans to address this issue. If not, I'll be cancelling the subscription because there is no way I have time to use two note programs, even if I am just using one for search purposes. PLEASE someone tell me this is going to happen soon... thanks, - r
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