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  1. I believe it would be a great 'Right Click' option in the Windows version and as an 'Edit' or Share' option in Android.. Having to go 'Outside' the program/app for this kind of capability seems kinda' clunky these days! Same goes for Android Evernote printing. Or maybe I'm just missing something....
  2. Indeed! However; I would like to 'reverse the order' that my creation date based sort findings are displayed. I can't seem to find a way to do that part... Thanks
  3. Am I missing something or is there really no way to change/set the Order of Search Results.
  4. I agree! It would certainly make my life easier since I must enter the date on a high percentage of my entries. I also use the YYMMDD format for the same reasons you stated. I believe our choices for Auto titles should be expanded to include dates in optional formats.
  5. On my Galaxy Note 8: Swiping down presents almost a full screen of Notifications. I will only see the 'Add note' option after I Swipe back Up from within the listing of Notations, but not so if I Swipe back Up from the bottom edge of the list. Doing that will simply close the list.
  6. Is there any word on when this might get fixed? My Evernotes are suddenly acting like Invisible/Disappearingnotes. Very scary! Both beta machines are effected. Each have 3 displays and Invidia graphic cards.
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