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  1. 1. The todo square cannot be copied and pasted. 2. After selecting multiple lines, and press command+shift+t will have an unexpected result---i.e., the todo square appear in unexpected place. 3. Some old formats have been changed. The format before: The format after updating:
  2. Yes! It might be very useful. It will be better if Evernote can auto-sync after Handoff.
  3. The "find & replace" is the compulsory and common function for a text editor; however, evernote should be more than a cloud editor!
  4. Yes, I think we meet the same problem, like I mentioned in this post "https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82888-bug-slow-when-turn-on-the-context-funciton/".Try to turn off the context function and check whether it will happen again.
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