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  1. Can we please have more flags? I would like to have more types of flags (perhaps different colors, or we can label them whatever we want). These will allow users to indicate different priorities for tasks, or different types of tasks (eg, I have tasks for work I have to do, for work I need to follow up with others, or for tasks where I'm not done yet but I'm waiting on something from someone else).
  2. I would like to be able to view my tasks based on tags, so either: Mark the tasks with the tags associated with the note they were entered into, or Allow us to enter tags for a task. Then we'll need to be able to filter by tags in the tasks list
  3. When the tasks appear in the note, or in the task list, there's a big blank space after them before the next one. Can you squeeze them up a bit? I want to see as many as possible on my screen.
  4. Is there a place we can recommend or request for certain functionality in tasks? If not, then I'm going to add my requests here as a comment, and I Invite everyone else to do the same. And I'm going to "heart" the ones I like and hope everyone else does the same.
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