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  1. That this is still not an option is pretty ridiculous. Yes, it isn't a bug. But Evernote is no longer a small company pushing hungry for new customer acquisition. They have a large base. Conversion rates are probably be a critical facto Doing everything they can to give paying customers freedom from the ads should be done. This is a horrible relic that should be killed. And it is just plain, old bad form. Remove the ads but not your own? There is no good reason for a recipient to know where the email comes from. And resorting to a workaround is BS. I can choose a custom footer on Apple mail on an iPad or iPhone. Or choose none at all. You want to default to this? Fine. We need an option out. So unprofessional and tone deaf
  2. 6.05 beta fix is great. Safari is useful. GUI issues are a different matter. FYI: Remaining conflict between the clipper and disconnect.me With their extension installed, similar issues to 6.0.4
  3. 6.0.4 isn't working. Half my web pages won't render at all, just blank, and trying to clip on any that do render is a maddening experience. That sidebar pops out then when my mouse gets near it, it just closes. I open it again and hit SAVE and nothing. nada. If I turn off 6.0.4, quit and restart Safari, all web pages render Turn back on, quit, restart and half of the tabs won't load at all. Again, this is 6.0.4 Evernote has gone from indispensable to useless. How can we downgrade while you try and fix it. And the UI changes are horrible but I will take stability first. Where can I get the last version of clipper 5? Please. useless is not acceptable
  4. Another complaint on the new clipper anchored to the right. Horrible to go from the toolbar over to the side. So the drop down menu isn't a drop down menu but instead someplace else entirely? And you take up screen real estate rather than an overlay? Horrible UI. A change for the worse. Be nice to see this actually rethought into something that makes UI sense but I won't hold my breath. At least allow me to anchor it to the top in an overlay.
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