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  1. @briancaldwell: Thank you so much for reporting this as a bug. Hope to see this fixed soon! @JMichael: Your post was quite valuable for me and sums up a lot of my original concerns in an eloquent way. Thanks for spending the time!
  2. Hello, I am hoping someone from development sees this. Currently we are facing a problem that is affecting our workflow a lot. We normally need to copy a lot of images from the browser and paste them from the clipboard into Evernote. But recently ( I am not sure from which update exactly), whenever I paste an image from the clipboard Evernote converts it into a PNG and then pastes it into the note. The source format (which could be JPG or GIF) is not honored by Evernote. There are, of course, workarounds like saving the image to desktop and then dragging it to Evernote which would work but these end up being time consuming for us. I tried contacting support (Ticket #1090254) but to my amazement I was told that this was by design. If you want to standardize all incoming clipboard images into a single format, can you at least give us an option in the settings to toggle this on or off? Would really appreciate if someone could consider this. Thanks!
  3. I actually meant the internal limit we have for image counts. For example short blog posts on our website have a 50 image limit. Long features have a 100 image limit. Anyway I am sure there would be people out there who would like to quickly get an idea on the number of images they have within a note.
  4. Hello, This can be so helpful in determining the total number of images/attachments within a note. We use Evernote for blogging and usually posts have a limit on the number of images it can include. The only way currently is to save attachments to a folder and count it. So currently instead of saying 'All attachments have been indexed.' Can you please revise it to: 'All X attachments have been indexed.'. Simple change but it can help a lot of people. Thanks for reading! Cheers.
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