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  1. Hi! It does work, but I feel it's still a bit inefficient cause in the end I still have to rearrange the images again between the text, and I usually work with a lot of images in one note... I can't understand why you can't just copy and paste directly, since I have no problems in pasting images from other programs to Evernote Thank you nonethless!
  2. Hi! Does anyone know if Evernote has said anything about including the feature to copy and paste easily a lot of images from a evernote file to a word document or any other program in the following versions? Text is no issue, but since I use it for my japanese classes I've got a lot of images that sometimes I need to share via word. I know you can do it manually with each image, but it takes a while with a lot of them. This feature would be appreciated. PD. I know the legacy version has this feature, but for some reason it bugs when I do it this way. Regards.
  3. Great! I'm quite new to Evernote, been using it for just three or four months, and I really like the program's interfase and options. I have the legacy and the 10.16.7 version installed. I'll hope they'll soon incorporate the option to export PDFs, since I only use the legacy version for that purpose, haha.
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