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  1. Are you claiming they (Evernote) don't read it, and or post here? Others isagree: Yes. Yes you did. And you know what they say about people who make assumptions:
  2. Buying and using EN has become self inflicted pain indeed. In the end, because the producers of the product won't add a simple preference to turn off a far too frequent pop-up, that pain can be easily cured. See the end of my post for a pain free solution to this problem. The thing is, I see numerous threads and posts about the constant update pop-ups. And I'm not alone - https://www.google.com/search?q=evernote+constant+upgrade+interuptions&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS997US997&oq=ever&aqs=chrome.1.69i60j69i59j69i57j69i60j69i65j69i60j69i65l2.3074j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Look, I develop for Apple and other tech producers. I have been so since 1988! Nothing that I have ever installed, in all my platforms, has ever tossed me so many interruptions as EN's constant update Pop-Up. The pop-up interrupts other open programs, and I have to stop coding to shut the pop-up off! Sadly, I need to keep my notes programs up and open, in the background. What's really stunning to me, is the childish and sophomoric attacks against paying users as if they have their heads up their asses, when out of sheer frustration, they beg to shut this feature off. NO my caps lock isn't stuck - I'M ACTUALLY FRUSTRATED, PISSED OFF AND SHOUTING!!! Got that? Is THAT what you want from your paying customers? When I have paying clients, and they speak up with an issue, I listen up. I don't resort to grade school attacks on their grammar, use of caps locks, punctuation, syntax etc... because they disagree with something. What's next - doxxing them!? I tune in, and then I ask lots of questions. I address THE ISSUE - I DON'T ATTACK THEM <--- There's that nasty shift lock again! Surely such usage means everything I'm experiencing with EN is null and void QED. Do as you wish - PISS OFF your paying customers. Argue with them that what they are experiencing, and feeling, is foolish, stupid, wrong and unfounded. Mock them after they're gone. Invalidate their quality perception of a product they purchased. Just remember, you do so at the risk of losing many of them, which could become, far too many than you can afford to lose. And so.............. UPNOTE it shall be for 2023. And as for YOU, Pink Elephant - the elephant in the room should be - the pissed off paying customers, not whether or not you 'won't feel the loss' of yet ANOTHER customer after they leave.
  3. Same problem on my Mac OS 11.3.1 using EN 10.13.4!! I HATE HATE HATE THIS DAILY UPDATE!!!!! And I can't use my notes, which I need in a hurry, until the update is done and relaunch of the app. STOP THE D@MNED UPDATES!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! NOTHING IS CHANGED IN ANY BIG AWAY ANYWAY! No other application I have does this. And it's tempting me, after being a user since 2015, to jump ship! It's so infuriating and frustrating!
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