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  1. I like choices too but I don't see why in this case the "simplified" templating function should need to be awful to edit in order to be simple. From my point of view the simplified process can stay the way it is now, with all its advantages. All that is really needed to support the not uncommon use case of editing a template is an option to access the list of templates without having to create a new note and a context menu entry to edit a template without having to create a new note. I don't see how that complicates anything, on the contrary the way it is implemented now is a major complicatio
  2. I got this message today and ended up copy&pasting the note to a code editor (sublime text). There I noticed that it contained a strange Unicode symbol, obviously something that got copy&pasted from somewhere. After deleting the symbol and reinserting the note into evernote (had done it before deleting the symbol without success), the message disappeared, leading me to the assumption that evernote had problems with that Unicode symbol. So in case you copy&paste something from somewhere and the note starts giving "note is invalid" messages, it just might be that some obscure sy
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