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  1. Wow I too have a real problem with the white on white UI here. It's nearly unusable in Snippet view which is where I live my entire life. I too fruitlessly tried to find ways to set this in the UI, then defaulted to searches and then here to the forum. It's hard to believe this is a conscious choice by designers who use the product every day. Please address this!
  2. Thanks, DLU, for the response - the illustration you provide is helpful to illuminate my concern. It's not the 6 pixels, it's the fact that in the OLD header I can turn OFF the third toolbar with the font buttons, thus making the header as a whole much narrower, probably on the order of 40 pixels, giving me valuable space at the top of my screen. With the new header, there's no way turn off the new bottom toolbar with the "created/updated" dates, so I'm stuck with the fat header. I appreciated the suggestion on that page to use the reduced header by opening the note in it's own window, but I rarely do that. I use List View to see all the many note titles at the top of the app and to see my many notebooks in the left column. Many of my notes are really long so that unused space in the header gets really annoying. I only need the title in my header, because the Notebook name (now taking up space in the middle toolbar) is already highlighted in the notebook list, and the created/updated dates are already showing in the list of notes at the top. That's why it's really frustrating - lots of white space that give me redundant (and therefore worse-than-useless) information. An option to turn off those extra two toolbars would fix this. You had this option in the old toolbar (to suppress the font/formatting toolbar), but after much searching it seems that you've removed this feature. thanks again for listening.
  3. I'm very discouraged by the new header on each note - it takes up way too much space and isn't modifiable (after spending a lot of time looking for a setting and searching the forums). I do not need or want the second "toolbar" with the notebook name, nor do I need the THIRD "toolbar" with the created and updated dates - these are already available many places in the ui. I'm sure many are like me and keep Evernote in a smaller window, so I want all the real estate for note content I can get. This is very annoying. I know it seems like a little thing but this makes me want to investigate alternatives, and I've been a daily user of Evernote for years. sad face thanks for listening, Keverino
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