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  1. Honestly thought you were official EN support which is why I phrased the first response that way. In the end though it was overly aggressive. I’m just gonna have to move back to apple notes and reminders until another infant app becomes more mature.
  2. Apologies for being offensive through my frustration. I am on the professional plan and it still doesn’t work. This is a service issue not an account level issue or user error.
  3. The calendar integration works correctly about 10% of the time. Other times it shows one of the two selected calendars. Sometimes it allows me to re-select the missing calendar. Sometimes that calendar, which is my main Google calendar does not even appear selectable. And other times the calendar is reselected and does nothing. Overall the calendar is a fail. Support was unhelpful and the fact that I’m not the only one reporting the issue and the best response on this forum is a link to basic setup is also a failure. This is why I’m STILL out looking for a notes, task, and calendar app.
  4. First, I LOVE that evernote has implemented this. Only a few apps that I have used have even tried to consolidate tasks from notes (Paper, Amplenote) but each with their own issues. After a few weeks of use here is my feedback and wishlist in no particular order: Recurring tasks natural language processing in tasks note headings in task sidebar has too much vertical spacing tasks themselves in notes have too much vertical spacing Would like the option to sort tasks/ hide completed within the note itself I know some will be implemented and that is amazing. Can't wait for future improvements. I've paid for note apps, pm apps, todo apps, hybrids etc happy to pay for quality development.
  5. I would love this. Date pickers slow the process down a LOT. I am not a developer so I don't know how difficult this is but most task programs and now some digital idea storage apps like cloverapp are implemeting this and it's amazing. This would be a game changer.
  6. This is present using web version. Is there a way to print or export to PDF without the side scrollbars?
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