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  1. Hi SahilC, I diarise it in my Google Calendar as either specific time event, or if it has to take place some time that day as an all day event. It is also great for recurring events that can be set up in the calendar. I then use a IFTTT recipe to send my Calendar events to Evernote as they occur. Works great as a reminder. I also set my reminder in Google Calendar to forward me an sms at a predetermined time prior to the event. It works like a charm! Please keep on your quest for productivity, because I am also learning a lot!
  2. Hi Matoatti, I would like to say yes! BTW, I sent Braintoniq a message the other day enquiring if they still use Evernote and TSW and their Director of Operations and International Sales was kind enough to reply in the affirmative! For the record I am an avid Android/ Google fan.
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