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  1. Thank you, gbarry. Do you think it is something that will get addressed in the near future, rather than the far future? Predictive is nice, but only if it's predicting the correct information. I like your add-on idea cynwren. Thank you for suggesting it.
  2. Dear Evernote, Please respond to this forum post about how to get rid of "predictive note titles." This feature seems to be generating some other concerns mentioned in the forums as well as problems for more people. This feature is also stopping me from moving forward with and recommending Evernote. It this something you or someone else can answer and fix? Will this feature ever go away?
  3. You may like it but the rest of us should have the option to opt out.
  4. I am having the same problem. Is there any way to stop this from happening? I'd much rather have "Untitled Note." It is very confusing to me, and tiresome to have to always be forced to make a note title. "Untitled note" will at least allow all my untitled notes together. Right now, depending on the day I get "Note from ABC," "Note from XYZ," "Note from PQR," etc. depending on what my most recent repeat calendar item is. Thus I end up with a lot of notes alphabetized under these "Note from PQR"-type titles. Perhaps if it said "Note from (date)" that would be okay, but I certainly don't want my notes to have anything to do with my repeat calendar items. And it would be much better not to be forced to write over/create a title each and every time. But overall, I would much prefer Untitled Note, and not have to type "Untitled Note" myself. It is defintiely pulling from iCalendar. (I know it is not pulling from my Google Calendar because the "Note from..." is always one of that day's repeat/ongoing calendar items that I have on my iPhone for that day (not on my Google Calendar). Thanks in advance.
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