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  1. I just auto-updated to 10.23 for PC, and I'm in trouble. I have low vision and don't mind that you seem to have changed the default font from 16 to 14, because I always reset it to 24 anyway, but I cannot work with the new pale gray and pale green. Is there any way I can set the new version to the old colors? If not, I have to drop back to 10.18. TIA!
  2. When I'm done editing an Evernote note, how can I make it read-only? TIA!
  3. Is there a way, in Evernote, to cut a graphic in pieces and save the pieces? Right now, I have to start with multiple copies of the graphic and crop each one down, which wastes a lot of time. TIA.
  4. Thanks for asking about the font. I discover that the title of a note can be up to 250 characters long, and very few of my notes are that long or longer, so I simply format everything as Title. Any note too long to fit as a title is so rare that I'm perfectly willing to format it as 24 point manually. As for the problem with multiple devices, I think the issue here is that I'm still listed as a Basic subscriber. I'm not, I'm a paid Personal subscriber and should be able to connect five devices. Thanks!
  5. One phone is connected to the internet through Verizon, the other one is on a VPN with Sonic as my ISP. I'm a subscriber with a 5 device license, I use the freestanding installed app rather than the web client, and I should be able to install on all my devices whether they're on the same network or not. thx
  6. I have an account question. I have a paid Evernote account, for five devices, and I was planning on using Evernote on both my phones, my laptop, and my Kindle. One of my phones is connected to the internet. The other one is connected to a private network, and Evernote will not load on that one; it says it “keeps stopping.” Can you help me out with what's happening here? Kip Crosby a/k/a panterazero Evernote user since 2014
  7. Hi, this is panterazero. I'm an Individual (paid) subscriber, but I think you have me down as a Basic subscriber, because I'm trying to attach a third device (second phone) to my Evernote account, and it won't let me. Can you help? thx/KC
  8. Oh, and, incidentally, you have me down as a basic subscriber, I'm a 5 device individual subscriber. thx/KC
  9. Thanks, but I've already messed with the resolution. The only resolution that makes Evernote bigger gives me big black bands at the top and bottom of the screen. What's working best for me is formatting everything as Medium Header, in which case the only annoyance is the background color, which is trivial. Is there a way to make New Note default to Medium Header? thx/KC
  10. Thanks. I guess I format all body copy as Medium Header. May I point out that users with low vision badly need some way to increase the automatic font size.
  11. I don't mind that the default font is Sans Serif, that's fine. But the default font size is 16 point, and for someone with low vision, that's too small. I want to set Normal Text to 24 point, and I tried to use the option that resets Normal Text according to a highlighted sample, but it doesn't work. How do I reset the font size? thx/KC
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