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  1. Making a note here for next update: Currently on (276152) Public Edit: Which appears to be a few versions behind, according to your list. Maybe the update installer wasn't installing properly, which might explain why it was constantly trying to update. I'll try uninstalling completely, clearing out any leftover files, and reinstalling. Double edit: Uninstalled and reinstalled only for me as a user: Hopefully it'll mean any future updates don't need the UAC popup for admin privileges, at least. Now on (276742) Public
  2. Three updates in the past week, and nope, I'm not on the beta channel!
  3. I did think about that, but nope, that's never been ticked!
  4. Odd, I've been getting update requests every few days. Maybe there's an issue with my installation - though it does seem to be up to date.
  5. I appreciate the aggressive release schedule, but almost every day I'm having to click through install popups and UAC confirmations in order to update Evernote, and it's getting to be painfully intrusive. Would it be possible to allow Evernote to update silently, or automatically download updates, and apply them silently the next time Evernote is started, like with Firefox and Chrome?
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