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  1. The cursor does move to the left of the 16 page attachment. However, neither "delete" nor "command + X" effect any change. I've tried this on both the app and the web version. Are you guys saying you are able to delete attachments in Evernote for Mac?
  2. The attachment I want to delete is inside a table inside a note. So far, none of the suggested actions has worked. I submitted a request for tech support. If/when I hear from them, I will update my progress. Thank you for all attempts to help!
  3. That strategy does not work in Evernote for Mac. Any suggestions for how to delete attachments on a Mac?
  4. As an avid sewist, I accumulate patterns like crazy. Physically organizing and storing them is no problem. However, having access to envelope information such as yardage requirements, notions needed, suggested fabrics, etc. when I find myself in a fabric store is a huge issue! About a year ago, I began working with Evernote to organize sewing patterns. Since that time, a program has become available for pattern organization that will magically find and import complete envelope information simply by entering the name of the company and the pattern number. They have a mobile app which makes the program much better for spur of the moment shoppers. I would love to see Evernote come up with a way (barcode reader, perhaps?) to import sewing pattern information from the Web. Right now Web Clipper can be used sometimes for this. Once I begin making an item, I chronicle the process using photos and Skitch drawings (and annotated photos) to record such things as pattern alterations, fitting issues, fabric choices and assessments...and much, much more. I would LOVE to hear from other sewing enthusiasts on how they are using Evernote.
  5. I'd like to use the "create an import folder" work-around but I don't understand how to create an import folder. When I checked Win7 support, all I could find was how to change settings for importing images and videos. Can someone direct me?
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