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  1. Hi there - I was hoping I'd be able to get some smart opinions how to go about solving a specific need. Within my business there are about 5 people who would contribute to a shared EN notebook with a range of materials but ideally we need the rest of the business to be able to browse and use these materials. The likelihood is that on average, each 'browser' (as it were) would only need to use the shared space once every couple of weeks. The idea of paying $3.75 / month per user for those guys who are just browsing once a fortnight won't be signed off by management. Has anyone else found a smart way of doing this without breaking EN's Ts&Cs? The only thing I can think of is creating 6 accounts. 5 for full time use by the contributors and a single shared login for the rest of the business to use as and when they need to - obviously being restricted to one per at a time being able to use the account. I haven't checked the Ts&Cs but it sounds like the sort of thing that wouldn't be allowed. Any ideas? Thanks.
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