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  1. Thanks for the reply! I thought maybe the OCR queue might be the cause. What confused me was that the JPG photo taken with my iPhone completed the EN OCR process in a matter of minutes... while the scanned PDF has been sync'd to the cloud for about 2 days now. It could be my error by assuming that the OCR queue was agnostic to file types, but the JPG queue may be separate from the PDF queue (longer wait?). Not sure. Regarding the 'handwriting'... I exaggerated slightly. My handwriting isn't completely mangled, just 'guy' handwriting. I was shocked and impressed at how the EN OCR was able to detect and make search-able everything i had written on the page. A majority of the notes I'd like to scan are hand-written, that is why I got excited when I saw EN working so well with it. I agree that the Xerox OCR will work for typed docs. My ideal solution would be to bulk scan the masses of stuff on my desk, and let EN allow me to search through everything. Typed, and within reason, handwritten. 100% detection of handwritten notes isn't realistic, and I realize that. Thank you again for the reply!
  2. Does anyone here ever have problems with scanned docs not getting processed by the OCR engine??? I started a separate topic so as to not thread-jack this one. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23940-my-scanned-pdfs-dont-get-ocrd-by-en/
  3. Team! I'm new to EN. I also did a ton of digging before I decided to create a thread. If this has been covered, apologies. I have a small conundrum. In short, my scanned documents (PDF) do not get OCR processing by EN.. and I don't understand why. I'd really like for my scanned docs to be search-able. I'm using a Xerox WC7655. I double checked this knowledge base entry to help make sure my documents meet the OCR processing criterion, they do. https://support.ever...3+9&docID=12656 My doc is a full page meeting agenda with text, and some sloppy handwriting courtesy of yours truly. I can't attach it here because of sensitive business data on the page. Here's my test to help troubleshoot the issue: Photograph document using iPhone, add to EN. Result: EN performs OCR on text and sloppy handwriting. High-five, go team. Scan same document with Xerox 7655, add to EN. Result: Flat 'image' PDF in Adobe Reader and in EN. Not search-able, no EN OCR processing occurs, at all. Unsuccessful result. [*]Scan same document with Xerox 7655, but this time enabling OCR on the Xerox. Result: Xerox OCR algorithm converts type, but not the handwriting. So it 'works', but not as well as the EN OCR processing. The EN support doc says that if OCR pre-exists, they don't process it. So I really want process #2 to work correctly and have EN perform the OCR work... any suggestion on what I might be doing wrong here? Just to add, I'm not a Premium user (yet), I want to see that this works first. I have allowed a few hours to pass in order to work through the OCR queue.
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