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  1. I really need this feature. Being unsatisfied with Onenote 2013 after using it for a while, I wanted to come back to Evernote AS A PAYING PREMIUM CUSTOMER, but without being able to hide unassigned tags, I simply can't come back. Sorry about that. I'll return at once as soon as the feature is back.
  2. Hi there dear Evernote community! I am very new to Evernote, having used MS Onenote and even Springpad before, and I can say that I am really excited! It is the best note taking application I have ever known! Now I have a question, probably a typical beginner question, but I have the hope that someone of you might actually be able to help me. When I am in a specific notebook (there are three of them that I have for now), how can I display only the tags relevant to this one notebook in the tag list, and not all the tags from all the notebooks? Is there a way to do this? Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out here.
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