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  1. Is anyone else finding they are having CONSTANT formatting issues with Evernote? For ALL versions? Things such as: List formatting, if I click to start a list (numbered or otherwise) it instead starts the list several lines above (Even if I have several hard returns or double spaced returns between the lines) Weird/abrupt formatting changes. Many times if I have a list that isn't functioning properly I'll try backspacing to the previous line and then "returning" to make it a separate line to fix the list, and all of a sudden my text will be Several sizes larger and bold Often when you select a different size or formatting for a peice of text (bold, underlined, etc.) it simply won't change. This happens especially often on the iOS versions when you try to select "Heading" or other Theme Formats [*]Copying paste from anywhere else and pasting it into evernote causes all of these problems to be exponentially worse. Not to be sarcastic, but if the Evernote text formatting code worked even half as good as the text box in this forum post I'd be happy. Anyone else having these issues?
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