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  1. Still working on this in my brain: How is this? scan the quiz/test/homework sheet into Evernote Create Notebooks for the class/periods tag the students manually when the time comes, search by name, create a merged file of student work end of year hits - archive, clean up and get set for the new year. This will be a LOT of scans. I do have the premium account so I know I will not be hampered by upload limitations, but it seems like a lot to keep stored. As I said - thinking aloud (sort of) and looking for an improved workflow for my day. Thanks to all who have helped thus far. I love the forums here. The most helpful of any I have encountered.
  2. A lot of great ideas here. Thanks everyone. I am still playing out all the scenarios in my head. What I really want to scan/save are the tests and quizzes. I give 12-15 quizzes per quarter as well as 3-4 tests. I do not really need them after the year ends although I am sure I could archive them as a large PDFs if I wanted. So it seems like the recommendation would be to scan them and manually organize them? I could tag them rather than make notebooks I suppose. Again - still thinking this through before I jump in. The old manila folder in the file cabinet is still working for now. I do appreciate all the discussions though. I feel there is still to much I need to learn about Evernote.
  3. Thanks - I have started using software the numbers the quizzes for easy identification. So that will help. If I add a line for the 4 digit code we use at our school (along with their name) and ask them to write that code legibly that would work fairly well? Ex: Name _______________________________ ID __ __ __ __ (Quiz Number) Thanks again for your time. I live in New York State and we have a bunch of new requirements for accountability in our contract. I am trying to be more pro-active with things like collecting student work for when the new evaluation system for teachers kick in. Not sure if you know this but we will be given scores now based on the many things we do all day. Being organized is among that list so I do appreciate your help and guidance.
  4. I understand that (I should have made that more clear) but what I am wondering is when I add the quizzes/test papers as a single note how would I search them? The names would be handwritten and, in many cases, hard to read. I am wondering if there is way to make the papers more identifiable by a search. Something like a student ID perhaps? My goal - a parent comes to see me and I pull up scans of all their work without having to manually tag them. Thanks for the help. I know I am a newbie to the forum but I have been a ScanSnap use and Evernote fan for a quite while. I am just trying to get more organized and more further away from papers and hard copy files.
  5. This may be an obvious question but I am wondering how I would do something like this: I give a quiz - I grade/correct the quiz - I scan them as a class. But then I would like to call up all the graded papers for John Doe. How can I have the students identify themselves to make this happen? I hope this makes sense. Thanks for the help.
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