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  1. I'm sorry that I didn't say this before but I had saved it a number of times and then each time re-opened it to edit some more. I am paranoid about losing stuff and I'm annoyed that I hadn't copied the entire note content before I saved as that's what I usually do! All previous times had worked like a charm but this last and ironically final time my content disappeared.
  2. Hello all I've just spent the entire morning creating a note that was to be the basis of a long and complicated email. Having just finished it I clicked save, intending to email it, and the content of my entire note disappeared. I have no idea how this happened and if there is any way I can retrieve it. It took a lot of effort to compose as I am ill and I really do not want to start from scratch again. I did save a previous version as a Yahoo draft email but had done a lot of work on it since then. My note is still there with a title but no content. I am using an iPad 2 and the Evernote app over my home wireless connection. I've only been using Evernote a few days and my other three notes are still present and correct. I was really enjoying using the text editor with it too. I've checked on my web account and see the same, my note with no content. I have raised a support request and the ticket number is 16051-65315. Please help me to fix this and explain how it could possibly happen. Thank you!
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