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  1. It's so frustrating to see that after several years, this feature still doesn't work reliably. I ended up moving to OneNote for notes and using Pocket Premium for web clipping. Pocket has been rock solid for a year now. I really liked Evernote but it just couldn't handle the web clipping that I needed it to.
  2. When retrieving the URL I noticed that these clips are now shown as failed rather than clipping. Here's one that failed. https://roadtrippers.com/trips/14543191 My workflow is that I use Chrome for Android then I do use the share feature of Android and select Evernote as the destination. At that point, what I call a popup widget shows up at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply. In my case I have the most trouble with articles from www.roadtrippers.com. But I disproportionately save articles from them compared to others so that's hard to guage. I downloaded the Windows version of Evernote thinking that might better trigger the clipping but I couldn't find a way to trigger the clipping to refresh. This isn't related to my Internet connection. I've got strong broadband service and in a good AT&T territory if on cellular. I do my clipping using the Android app using the pop up widget. That definitely completes itself and closes before I do anything else. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes because I rarely open the Evernote app on Android. I do have a support case with Evernote that is about ongoing for about 6 months. They've responded and requested logs twice but no answers.
  4. I am having a terrible time with the clipping feature of Evernote. It is stalling and never populating the note with the content of the website. My workflow generally is that I find a website article that I want to save using Chrome for Android. I use Chrome for Android's share feature to share it to Evernote.The Evernote clipper screen overlay shows up on Android. Some time I let it complete itself and save it to the default folder. Other times, I wil provide additional information like tags and a notebook. In all cases the Evernote clipper overlay screen finishes and closes successfully. However, I'm having a significant number of these clipped websites that never populate in Evernote. The note is there with the title but the body of the note is an icon that says "Clipping...." Some of these are there for weeks. I can't find any way to force the completion of the clipping. This has been going on for at least 6 months. I've got an Evernote support case but only know that it was "sent to developers" and obviously never fixed.
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