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  1. It's so frustrating to see that after several years, this feature still doesn't work reliably. I ended up moving to OneNote for notes and using Pocket Premium for web clipping. Pocket has been rock solid for a year now. I really liked Evernote but it just couldn't handle the web clipping that I needed it to.
  2. When retrieving the URL I noticed that these clips are now shown as failed rather than clipping. Here's one that failed. https://roadtrippers.com/trips/14543191 My workflow is that I use Chrome for Android then I do use the share feature of Android and select Evernote as the destination. At that point, what I call a popup widget shows up at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply. In my case I have the most trouble with articles from www.roadtrippers.com. But I disproportionately save articles from them compared to others so that's hard to guage. I downloaded the Windows version of Evernote thinking that might better trigger the clipping but I couldn't find a way to trigger the clipping to refresh. This isn't related to my Internet connection. I've got strong broadband service and in a good AT&T territory if on cellular. I do my clipping using the Android app using the pop up widget. That definitely completes itself a
  4. I am having a terrible time with the clipping feature of Evernote. It is stalling and never populating the note with the content of the website. My workflow generally is that I find a website article that I want to save using Chrome for Android. I use Chrome for Android's share feature to share it to Evernote.The Evernote clipper screen overlay shows up on Android. Some time I let it complete itself and save it to the default folder. Other times, I wil provide additional information like tags and a notebook. In all cases the Evernote clipper overlay screen finishes and closes successfully.
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