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  1. I've read all the fuss about the Web Clipper, and hoping that will be addressed soon, but I am really frustrated and unhappy about changes to regular PC screen capture. I have 12K notes and I use Evernote across every available platform - web, Windows, MacOS, iOS. On my PC, I used to have a shortcut key (Win+PrintScreen), which let me select a portion of my screen, and then decide whether to save to Desktop or to Evernote. It's gone. I attempt a screenshot (using the new default hotkey, which is (too *&^%$ complicated, BTW), my screen flashes ... and sometimes it grabs highlighted text into a new note. But if I want a screenshot of an open PPT, it does nothing. I used this feature all the time and it's completely, decisively broken. I would put it on my list of most used features for Evernote, and I am HATING that this feature has suddenly disappeared. Especially because the latest release notes tout a new (!) Capture Screen hotkey, and reverting back to my old hotkey doesn't work either. Grrr. Anyone else? Am I missing something?
  2. Hi - I have what I think should be a relatively simple feature request, to achieve better parity between the Mac and PC versions (I use a PC at work and a Mac at home). Can you please add the strikethrough formatting option to the Mac formatting toolbar? It's in the PC version: But not the Mac one. Thanks in advance Natalie
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