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  1. Maybe another way of asking the question is, while I realize it is important to sync all notes to the Cloud, do I have to sync all notebooks to my IPAD or phone?
  2. I use my IPAD for both personal and work. I currently scan all of my receipts (personal) with ScanSnap on my desktop, but don't want them to sync to my IPAD which is becoming bloated and constipated. I would like to remove all of the receipts from my IPAD, but keep them on Evernote Desktop and the Cloud. How can I do this? Thanks in advance for your help
  3. Another question, if I wanted to just download Fujitsu's scanning suite and use it instead of the Evernote version, will it work with Evernote? If so, is there a way to pave the way for Fujitsu to allow me to do so?
  4. First of all, why is this not available on Android phones as well. Not all of us are slaves to Apple. Second, Fujitsu has a program that is part of its Scansnap suite called ScanSnap Receipt which is an OCR program that will allow you to read receipts, search them, file them etc. I chose the Evernote Fujitsu ix500EE because I believed it was a far superior scanner to NeatDesk. But, had I chosen the NeatDesk scanner I would have the OCR ability to read and search PDFs, etc. I scan all of my receipts so that I don't have boxes of them at tax time - but have had to keep them anyway because there is no way I have found to read and search them in Evernote's ScanSnap version. It would seem that this should be a no-brainer for both home and business use. I can't even find a way to download it from Fujitsu because their scanning suite is so different from Evernotes. Can you help me out here?
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