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  1. I know this has been discussed for years now but when are we going to be able to record audio notes with the screen switched off?
  2. Been a long time user of evernote and I was considering upgrading to Premium but I was a little confused by the feature of "working offline". With the free version I can already use my tablet in a meeting, make notes, add audio or pictures...whatever and when I next have a wifi connection I can sync everything I've done. I can also edit existing notes and upload the changes later. So I guess the question is, what does the "working offline" feature of Premium add to the functionality? As far as I can see, the free version already has the ability to work offline. Did I miss something?
  3. Yeah, by back out I mean it eventually crashes, but it does it in increments, going back through the screen hierarchy until there are no more screens and then the app closes.
  4. As of this morning, Evernote has developed a strange issue. After starting the app, there is a 3-4 second delay before it tries to go back a a step. So if I click fast, I can open a notebook, and then a note. I can see the note and if I click really fast I can also edit the note. Like clockwork though, it will wait a few seconds and back up to the previous screen until it eventually closes the app.
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