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  1. I am a 4 time stroke survivor. I use Evernote as my electronic Memory Notebook, set up just like my paper Memory Notebook, because I have much difficulty writing, The notebook is in 7 parts: 1) Schedule 2) Calendar 3) To Do List 4) Notes 5) Strategies 6) How To's 7) Miscellaneous. I capture whiteboard notes in therapy by iPhone image and sync to my home computer to type up later. I have to carry it everywhere; by having it on my iPhone, it is much easier. But,. I keep the hardcopy updated and carry that as well at times too. I have extensive medical information from all the strokes, a plethora of prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, lists of what each drug is and does, and have to update. Giving my medical history is a huge challenge esp. when I don't write well at all trying to fill out forms, etc. I want to convert all this information to a PDF format stored on a USB flashdrive, and have it easily updatable to carry with me. In case of emergency it can be plugged in and printed out all up-to-date. The form would have all the info necessary to provide correct history, meds, etc., not necessarily in the doctor or hosp form format, but they could glean the information from it and transcribe. How can I do this in a concise and simple form, automating as much as possible for people with little computer skills to still benefit from it? I do have computer skills, but because of the extensive strokes, my organizational and decision-making skills are lacking and requiring me to ask for assistance. There are many flash drive systems out there charging $$, but few that are update-able. How can we integrate Evernote to become the de facto standard to use by the majority of people to maintain their health records accurately and for emergencies? Thank you, Pops George C. Fassett, Sr. 7405 Laurelhill Court S. Fort Worth, Tx. 76133 About Me: http://about.me/pops6927 YAWYE: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/groups/show/15/yawye Stroke Strategies!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stroke-and-ABI-Strategies-by-Pops/213365988760723 Email: pops6927@gmail.com
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